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Platr Digital has had an awesome impact on our restaurant with 30% growth in average monthly sales. Our Easter day business was up by more than 50%. - Chris Riley, Soma Grille, CT
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Platr Pro
Great starter package for new restaurants or restaurants in less competitive markets



One Time Business Analysis & Set Up

Social Marketing
Email Marketing - 30,000 emails/year
SMS Marketing - 12,000 messages/year
Review Requester
Review Responder
Search Listing Optimization
Website Design & Hosting
Coupon Manager - 12,000/year
Dashboard - Reporting / Analytics
Platr Max
Perfect for large, high volume restaurants in super-competitive markets



One Time Business Analysis & Set Up

Social Marketing
Email Marketing - 200,000 emails/year
SMS Marketing - 50,000 messages/year
Review Requester
Review Responder
Search Listing Optimization
Website Design & Hosting
Coupon Manager- Unlimited
Dashboard - Reporting / Analytics
Ad Management - Facebook & Google
Ad Credits- $1,200/year
Email List Buy- 5,000 net new contacts
Platr's 5-Star Service comes standard with every plan.
Platr Service: What You Can Expect

Here are the key benefits of our comprehensive customer service, tailored specifically for your restaurants, which includes a wide range of services to enhance your digital presence and marketing success:

We conduct a thorough analysis of your restaurant’s current digital presence, evaluating website performance, social media engagement, and online reputation to identify areas for improvement.
Our experts provide personalized onboarding and training sessions for your team, guiding them through the process of setting up a compelling restaurant business profile and optimizing it for maximum visibility.
We help you connect and integrate your restaurant’s social media accounts to ensure seamless communication across platforms, improving customer interaction and reach.
Our creative team designs visually appealing and professional social media pages that align with your brand identity, making a lasting impression on your target audience.
We develop strategic social media campaigns that effectively engage your audience, boost brand awareness, and drive customer traffic to your restaurant.
Our team crafts captivating social media content, including graphics, images, and videos, to keep your audience engaged and interested in your restaurant’s offerings.
We create eye-catching email templates and manage targeted email campaigns to attract both new and repeat customers, fostering loyalty and increasing customer retention.
Our customer service includes regular consultations to address any concerns, suggest improvements, and stay aligned with your evolving business goals.
Stay informed with detailed performance reports tailored to your preferences, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
We offer training sessions to keep your team updated on the latest marketing trends and techniques. Additionally, we provide logo upgrades or adaptations for marketing campaigns to maintain brand consistency.
Our skilled designers create compelling ad designs for both Google and Facebook, and our marketing experts manage your ad campaigns to maximize ROI and visibility.
Expand your customer base with our targeted email sourcing and buying service, reaching potential customers in the restaurant market and driving leads.
Our comprehensive service package ensures that we cover all aspects of digital marketing and customer engagement, providing a holistic approach to elevate your restaurant’s success.

With our customer service package, your restaurant will gain a competitive edge in the market, achieve higher brand visibility, and build stronger relationships with your target audience, ultimately leading to increased foot traffic and business growth.