5 Simple & Effective Social Media Practices for Restaurants

Getting the most out of your social media marketing effort doesn’t need to be laborious and time-consuming. Platr.co can execute your social media strategy with just a click of a button. You can also use Platr.co‘s ‘set it and forget it mode and let it do all the work for you. In this brief article, we’ll focus on the basics of your social media endeavors.

1. Which Channels should a restaurant focus on?

Restaurants should consider focusing on 4 social media platforms. Two of these four, Google and Facebook, are a must and two others, Instagram and Twitter, are clearly worth consideration on your part. At a minimum by initiating your Google Business Listing and creating a Facebook account you will be on your way, engaging with most of your clients and prospects.

2. What should your restaurant post?

There is a plethora of topics that you can post to keep your restaurant engaged with your customers and prospects. Calendar events are important and always help you with something to post. Holidays both national and local, and seasonal events like back to school or the start of fall all count as reasons and topics to be posted with your constituents. What’s going on in your restaurant is key, new menu items, hour changes, special events, and secret recipes are all part of what your customers and prospect want to read.

3. How often should a restaurant post?

Think of your customers and prospects as you would good acquaintances. Research shows that staying in front of your customers and posting every 2 or 3 days is ideal. Too much can actually be annoying but too little lets you fall off of your client’s radar. If you want them to be thinking of you when they want to eat out or take out then you need to stick to the every 2 or 3-day posting rule. With Platr.co you will never miss an important date and they will automatically post great content with beautiful creativity on a preset calendar for you. Importantly, all the postings are customized for your particular restaurant.

4. How can your restaurant connect with customers and prospects on social media?

There are several ways to enrich your social media audience. You can boost your posts for a cost with the various social media outlets. Boosting can be expensive but it’s easy to do. Log into your social media platform and there will be a boost feature that you can engage. This feature will walk you through how it’s set up and you can set a budget there for the boosting. You can simply request follows. The easiest way for a restaurant is to post your social media icons on your website and ask that your audience follow you on your social media. You can also use in-store messaging to ask your clients to follow you. Posters, napkins, and more can all be utilized There are other methods, but these are tried and true for a restaurant.

5. You need to respond to your social media posts

Here again, think of your social media followers as your good friends and acquaintances. If they have something to say you need to respond in kind as you would a friend. Besides social media responses, you need to quickly respond to your reviews as well. 5-stars or 1-star you need to stay on top of your reviews. You need to defend and promote your restaurants brand or nobody will.

The easiest way to boost social media marketing for restaurants is to utilize Platr.co’s set it and forget it feature.. In just 5 to10 minutes per day you can post and respond using their automated social media marketing tool that features their entire library of pre-scheduled and customized posts. With Platr.co you are always able to customize your posts with relevant content t that you’d like to add. Insider information your restaurant, recipes, promotions, special events, hour changes, are all quickly enabled with Platr.co